Witch Hat (with feet!) Door Hanger TUTORIAL

One of the things I love to do most decorate for holidays.  And Halloween is one of my favorites.  I’m not quite sure why  – I am not really the dress-up type – but I love decorating the house with spooky items, making cute treats with the boys, designing scary planner stickers, and even dressing up Gunner.

When stores started putting out their Halloween products this year, I saw witch feet all over the place.  I guess this is the hot trend this year (I am usually the last one to hop on the bandwagon).  And since the Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies and I just love how the wicked witch’s feet shrivel up after Dorothy takes the ruby slippers, I just needed some witch feet in my life.  So, I made a door hanger (because it is not really a wreath) with a witch’s hat and her feet for my front door.  And, since it turned out so cool, I just have to share a tutorial for my Witch Hat (with feet!) Door Hanger with you!

But, before I jump into the tutorial, I must start off with an apology.  I am sorry that I did not post anything last week.  It may not seem like a big deal, but this blog means a lot to me and I want my readers to know I care.  But, last week was just a BAD WEEK.  ***if you want to skip my explanation (and I don’t blame you), scroll down to the tutorial***

This bad week started off with Skater Boy not getting his saxophone (which I ordered and paid for a month ago) when most of the other kids were getting theirs.  That probably does not sound like a disaster, but I watched Skater Boy come home day after day shaking his head with disappointment as the excitement about playing his new instrument began to fade. To go from bad to worse, he got his second bad test grade for the year.  That was it. If you are a parent, you know how I felt.  When your kid hurts, you hurt more. My heart was breaking.

Now, I think of myself as a person who tries to see the good in people.  I don’t like confrontation and I am often too nice by trying to make people happy and to not hurt their feelings.  Well, when it comes to my kids, you don’t mess with mama bear!  To make a long story short (although this is already probably a too-long story), Skater boy got his saxophone and we have a plan to bring up his grades.

However, that wasn’t it. I hurt my back (because of my own dumb mistake) badly enough that I needed to see a doctor and I was also having major computer problems.  Luckily, we know 2 great chiropractors and my dad is a computer genius.  My back is on the mend and my computer is in working order.

This may be a little too much of an explanation, but as I have written before, this blog is about real life and you can’t get much “realer” than worries over kids, dumb mistakes, medical issues and computer problems.

So now that the effects of my bad week are on the way out, I am back at my computer and ready to post my tutorial about how to make a Witch Hat (with feet!) Door Hanger!

To start off, you will need a few supplies. Below is a list of what I used.


  • 2 Wire hangers
  • Black tulle
  • Orange deco mesh (I cut the 10” roll in half because I couldn’t find the 5” rolls.  The 5″ rolls would work so much better)
  • Pipe cleaners (thin wire would work as well)
  • Purple and black fabric
  • PolyFill
  • Witch’s Boot Pattern


  • Green organza
  • Purple sheer ribbon
  • Black glitter ribbon
  • Red glitter ribbon
  • Black deco mesh tubing

***I purchased most of my materials at Joann Fabric and AC Moore with coupons (don’t you just love those coupons?) and the rest I just had in my craft stash***


To make the frame I used 2 wire hangers.  Unless you have really thin hangers, they can be difficult to bend – you will need a heavy-duty pliers and wire cutter.

Instead of just winging it (which is what I usually do), I drew a diagram on some butcher paper and for the most part, followed that to make my frame.  I made the outer part of the brim with the first hanger by bending it into a long, skinny oval, cutting off the excess, and twisting the ends together.

After I had the basic shape of the brim, I worked on the top of the hat.  I straightened the other hanger and then bent it in the middle. Then I just lined it up with my drawing to get it the right size and wrapped the ends of each side to the bottom of the brim.

After I made the oval, I had a long piece of hanger left over.  I used that piece for the middle bar of the brim.  I wove that piece over and under the other pieces to make the frame more secure.

After I had the frame together I wrapped the sharp points with duct tape just to make sure I didn’t cut myself later.


This step is extremely easy – just wrap the tulle around the triangle part of the frame.  I kept wrapping until the entire triangle was covered and I could not see through it.  I thought it looked a little plain, so I wrapped some deco mesh tubing around it as well.


Since I could not find the 5” wide deco mesh, I had to use the 10”.  (Of course, over the weekend, I saw a ton of the 5” wide orange deco mesh.  I considered redoing the brim, but…no)

I did not want the brim to be too loopy, so I cut the mesh in half.  Then, I cut it into 6” pieces – so I had a bunch of 5”x6” rectangles – and I did use almost the entire roll.  I also cut my pipe cleaners into thirds – each piece about 4”. For each part, I used 2 rectangles of mesh and 1 piece of pipe cleaner.  I rolled each rectangle into a cylinder and then pinched them together in the middle.

Then I wrapped one end of the pipe cleaner around the middle.

And then I attached it to the frame of the brim with the other end of the pipe cleaner.  I continued to do this until I had the entire brim filled.  Now, because I had to cut the wider deco mesh, some of the edges started to fray as I attached them to the frame.  If this happens to you, wait until you are finished with the entire project and then clip off the frayed parts.  Once it is hanging, it will not fray much anymore.

To add some pizzazz, I added some purple sheer ribbon, green organza, and black glitter ribbon.  I cut 9”-10” lengths of each, placed them where I wanted, and tied them to the frame with a knot.


To make the witch’s boots, I drew a basic pattern.  You can download the Witch’s Boot Pattern here.

This is what I did:  I printed the pattern on card-stock and traced 2 right-side up and 2 right-side down. After I had my 4 boot pieces, I cut the seam allowance off the pattern and traced that on 2 of the boots.

I pinned them right sides together…

and sewed around the boot – leaving a 2” opening at the top for turning, stuffing, and adding the socks – on the white inner line.

I trimmed the extra seam allowance except for the opening at the top to make closing it easier.  Make sure to cut closely at the triangle between the boot heel and front so it will lay flat when turned. I also cut the corners and notches in the curves.  Then I turned the boots right-side out, folded under the open seam and pressed the seams with my iron.

To make the socks, I cut 2 – 4”x5” rectangles out of a purple t-shirt I found at the Thrift Shop.  I folded the rectangle in half, right-sides together, sewed along the long side and 1 of the short sides and turned and pressed it.

I stuffed the sock and boots with PolyFill separately and then stuffed the open end of the sock into the open end of the boot.

I pinned it and top-stitched across the top of the boot.

To attach the boots to the hat, I folded a pipe cleaner in half and hot-glued it to the top of the sock.  I also added some red glitter ribbon around the top of the boots because you can never have too much glitter.  Then, you just need to place the feet where you want them and wrap the pipe cleaner around the back of the hat frame.


That’s it – hang it up, step back and admire your work!

When I hung it up, I thought it lacked flair.  So, I added a little sign to give it a little more oomph! And, everyone that comes to my door will know that I am home (get it, I’m the witch – ha, ha).

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make a Witch Hat with Feet for your front door, too.  If you do, please share a picture with me in the comments below.

Even if you don’t make a Witch Hat, make sure to Add a Little Shimmer to your life today!






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