Chalkboard Memo Board An easy project for only $2!

What’s inside:  Need a way to remind your kids, your partner, or even yourself of something important?  I always do.  So I created this Chalkboard Memo Board and it only cost me $2.  Yep, you read that right –just $2.  You can make this as simple or as complex as you want (I’ll show you a few ideas for both). I plan to use this board to remind my kiddos of important school things in the morning, but I am sure I will use it in many other ways as well!

What is Our World Coming To?

When I came downstairs on Monday morning, I made my coffee, sat in my chair, and turned on the television.  This is my normal morning routine – I spend about a half-an-hour to drink my coffee, get caught up with the news on the Today Show, and wake up my brain before I wake up the boys.

But this morning was different.  The first thing I saw on the television was the headline for the special edition “Mass Shooting in Texas Church”. And I thought, as I have many times in the past few months, “What is this world coming to?”

Just over a month ago, the special edition of the Today Show was “Las Vegas Massacre” – How many of these special editions will there be?  I constantly worry about the state of our world and humanity in general.

Mental Health Issues on My Mind

After reading a few news articles about both shootings, I notice yet again an all too prevalent commonality.  This common thread – both of the perpetrators of these horrific massacres had a history of mental health issues.

Now I have written before about my own struggles with mental health, so this fact hits me especially hard.  Although my history with depression and anxiety has been a true struggle, I have been extremely lucky to have a strong support system, access to excellent medical treatment, good insurance coverage, and the ability to pay for medical treatment and necessary medications.

Without these factors my story would be much different.

But my case is the exception to the rule.

The State of Mental Health in America in 2017

According to Mental Health America,1 in 5 adults – over 40 million Americans – have a mental health condition.  Although in 2017 more Americans have had access to mental health services, most still do not.  In fact, 56% of Americans with a mental illness did not receive care.

A Correlation between Access to Care and Incarceration

In addition, there is a strong correlation between untreated mental health issues and incarceration.  For example, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama have the least access to care and the highest rates of imprisonment.  In these 3 states alone, there are over 57,000 people with mental health conditions incarcerated.

Mental Health Illnesses are Diseases

The shortage in access to services for Americans with mental health issues is a serious problem.  And I personally believe that the lack of understanding of mental health in general is one of the main causes.  Many people still believe that people suffering from depression, anxiety, panic disorders, and other mental health illnesses are not sick but weak.  “Just get over it” is a common statement to people suffering with mental health illnesses.  But all mental health illnesses are DISEASES.  Just like diabetes and cancer.  And they must be given the same attention.

My History with Mental Illness

I have many reasons for starting Adding Shimmer to Life.  The first reason is very selfish – I need an outlet to share my thoughts and feelings.  But, I also hope to help people –especially people suffering with mental health issues – while sharing my story.  For many years, I hid my disease because I believed that I was weak and I was ashamed of my condition.  It should not be this way – for anyone.

If these 2 sick men who killed and wounded so many innocent people had been successfully treated for their mental health issues, would they have committed these deeds?  Unfortunately, we will never know.  However, I believe we can prevent future tragedies by treating mental health conditions as the diseases that they are and therefore give appropriate help for the people who suffer from them.

My Mission

I believe if we educate more people about mental health concerns more people will seek treatment. With a greater understanding, eventually and hopefully, the increasing trend of tragedies like the 2 we just witnessed will begin to decrease.

It all begins with awareness.  At the moment, I am just 1 person with a little blog and only a few followers (so far).  But in light of the current situation, I feel compelled to do something however small it may be.  Consequently, in each blog post I write I will include at least 1 statistic, fact, story, etc. related to mental health concerns.  I do this in hopes that I can reach at least 1 person and maybe help change someone’s life.  I also hope that you will continue creating awareness by sharing my blog or Facebook page.

Do you have a cause that hits home for you, too?  Tell me about it!  I love helping people and will use my little blog to help raise awareness for any good cause.

Let’s Get to It

Now, I will jump down from my soapbox and get back to the real reason you are reading my blog – a $2 Chalkboard Memo Board.  Again, I really do not feel right touting this as a tutorial because this is such a super simple project.

Chalkboard Memo Board

I was inspired to do this project when I saw a mini chalkboard easel used as a table number at a wedding.  There are so many ways that you can put together a Chalkboard Memo Board and I will give you a few ideas.


As usual, I started this project by picking up a few supplies – and I do mean a few.

Chalkboard Memo Board supplies

I found a rectangular chalkboard at Dollar Tree and a giant wooden clothespin at AC Moore. That’s it – $1 for the chalkboard and $1 for the giant clothespin. And you can leave it like it is – no embellishments, no painting, no nothing – and you have a great Chalkboard Memo Board.

No Muss, No Fuss Chalkboard Memo Board

Chalkboard Memo Board

But I cannot resist adding a little shimmer to a project – and who doesn’t want to add a little shimmer to life – so you can spice it up.

Add Some Color

I wanted to add a little color so I painted my giant clothespin bright red.  I also added a “Don’t Forget” vinyl sticker that I cut on my Silhouette Cameo.

Chalkboard Memo Board

Add a Border and a Title

On the other side of the rectangular chalkboard, I cut a white border and a red “Don’t Forget” vinyl sticker on my Silhouette Cameo.

Chalkboard Memo Board

Or, Make a Different Shape

If you want a different shape or cannot find a $1 chalkboard, you can pick up just about any shape piece of wood and then paint it with chalkboard paint.  This way does take a little bit more time and effort.

On that same trip to AC Moore I also picked up a 6” wooden circle (also $1) and some chalkboard paint ($1.99 – but I used a 50% off coupon).  I painted both sides of the circle with the chalkboard paint.  However, when painting, make sure to use at least 2 coats and then let it cure for 24 hours before using it as a chalkboard.

And, since I can never leave anything plain, I added a border and message with some paint markers.  You can see from this picture why I tend to use my Silhouette Cameo for any text!  This attempt is rather pitiful, but I just wanted to give you another idea of what you can do with this project.

Chalkboard Memo Board

The Possibilities are Endless!

This project is full of endless possibilities – I have a feeling I am just getting started.  If you make a Chalkboard Memo Board, send me a picture in the comments below.  Maybe you can give me an idea for my next one!

Make a Chalkboard Memo Board and Add a Little Shimmer to your life today.

Nicole Warren-Missimer

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