What You NEED to Watch This Fall Premiere Season Well, what I think you need to watch

I have a confession to make – I like television.  No, nix that – I love television.  Yes, it is a problem and I am willing to admit it.  But television (and movies and books – another love) takes your attention away from your every-day problems and focuses it on the trials and tribulations of the characters.  I don’t know about you, but I need to suspend my disbelief and spend some time outside of my world.  For most of the day (when I’m home alone) the television is on.  I watch the Today Show while I’m making breakfast and packing lunches, I watch re-runs of How I Met Your Mother and The Middle while cleaning, folding laundry, and working on projects.  A lot of the programs I do not actually watch – I listen.  And in the mornings I am usually able to glean some news items from the Today Show. 

Also, I like to watch programs while I am working on stitching projects or other projects in my chair in the living room.  This is when I get the bulk of my actual TV watching.  I record the evening programs on my DVR and then watch them at a more convenient time.  Rarely do I watch “live” TV.  During this time though, I prefer shows that do not require too much thought.  That is why I tend to watch more comedies and action shows.  But I do watch a few dramas because I have a tendency to care about the characters and I have been known to cry over some of the stupidest shows.

Since I love television, this is one of my favorite times of year – Fall Television Premiere Week.  Yes, it is finally here.  Because I am such an expert on television (I’m not really), I am going to share my What I Think You Need to Watch list.  But, since I watch way too much television, I am going to only write about the premieres I will be watching this week.

Now, I did most of this “research” over the summer while watching the boys playing in our pool at our beach house in Delaware.  Strike that, my parent’s beach house… So I am working from water-stained pages of handwritten notes.  Yes, I wrote everything.  I have been planning for this week for about 6 weeks.  I even had a schedule over the past few weeks to clear out my DVR of the summer programs I watch and to make sure I watched all of the episodes from last season.  Again, yes, I know I have a problem.

I am going to go through the programs that I plan to watch this week, not every one available.  I got my information mainly from TVLine’s calendar of premieres.  They have a great calendar graphic with the new shows in red – how cool?!  I get a little too excited about this stuff, huh?  However, I am not going to give you a synopsis of each program (I will link each program name to its website so you can click on it and read more if you are interested).  What I am going to do is share why I like each show.

Now that Premiere Week is almost ready to start, let’s go over each night of this week.

Monday September 25, 2017

For me, the week starts with 2 new programs:  The Brave and The Good Doctor. Initially, I was not planning to watch The Brave.  But, when I was watching previews for some of the other shows that I do watch I saw previews for this as well (and it looked pretty good).  I do not know much about the series, but it looks like it has a lot of action – and military heroes are always a plus.  Also, Anne Heche stars in it and I really like her.

I have been looking forward the The Good Doctor.  The series will showcase a young surgeon with autism who moves from living a quiet life to one in a prestigious hospital.  I really like the premise and I’m sure the cast will break many stereotypes. Thumbs up to ABC for taking on a tough, yet relative subject.

Tuesday September 26, 2017

On Tuesday nights, I will be recording This is Us and Law & Order True Crime – The Menendez Murders

Now, This is Us is one of the few dramas to which I am a loyal fan.  I really love this show but I cry during every single episode – not an exaggeration.  Even though I love this series, I do still have 2 episodes from season 1 left on my DVR that I have not watched yet. Here is the explanation:  near the end of the season, I had to start keeping track of when I would watch the show.  I had to have enough time between the end of the show and the time Straight Shooter would get home from school for the redness to leave my eyes.  He caught me one too many times crying while watching This is Us that  I think he was beginning to think there might be something wrong with me (well, something else).  Anyway, to stop him from having to ask, “Mommy, why are you crying?” and not really having a good enough answer for a 12-year-old, I did not watch the last third of the season right away.  Actually, I didn’t start to watch the episodes I missed until about a week ago.  I guess I had to mentally prepare myself – this show rips at my heart.  But, the actors (I love Mandy Moore and she is so good in this) are amazing and the story revolves around the trials and triumphs of a family – who cannot relate to that?

The other new show I will be recording is Law & Order True Crime – The Menendez Murders. This is a new 8-episode mini-series which is part of the Law & Order franchise.  I watched the original Law & Order and some of SVU from the beginning and always liked the “ripped from the headlines” stories.  After I had my kids, I stopped watching SVU, after becoming a mother some of the content was too much for me, and I never really caught on to the other spin-offs.  But, in my opinion, Law & Order depicts on television as much reality of the criminal justice process that is possible.  Also, I’ve always found the Menendez brothers story interesting but never knew all of the reasons why, etc.  Edie Falco stars in this one, and again I just really like her.  Is there a recurring theme of strong, talented, female actors in this post?  Hmm…

Wednesday September 27, 2017

Wednesday has always been a big night for me.  There are 2 categories of programs that I watch on a Wednesday (or any day after on my DVR).  First, my boys and I enjoy the comedies on ABC so we usually watch The GoldbergsSpeechless, Modern Family, and American Housewife together.  Since I watch the comedies live on a Wednesday night, I DVR the action/mystery/dramas, The Blacklist, Designated Survivor, and Criminal Minds to watch later by myself.

The ABC Wednesday night comedies we watch are just funny and enjoyable to watch.  I love the 80’s setting of The Goldbergs and my boys just think it is funny.  But, the show also portrays a family, and although they argue, smother, and do other crazy things, that loves each other.  A family that loves each other is always a good reason to watch for me.  And, I do connect with Wendi McLendon-Covey (the over-protective mother) who is absolutely hysterical!

Speechless is a comedy about a family with a child with cerebral palsy.  While watching this show, you are able to experience the situations faced by a family with a child with a disability.  The characters portray a close-knit family that is able to live a “normal” life in spite of a disability.  To me, each episode is inspirational (and special needs children and families hold a special place in my heart) as is Minnie Driver’s character Maya (a mother who ferociously protects her children).

What can I say about Modern Family? The cast and the show itself has won and is nominated for a multitude of Emmy’s because it is a quality comedy.  Of course, I love the closeness of the family and how, even though they sometimes drive each other crazy, they are “always there” for one another.

American Housewife portrays a family just trying to “get by”.  In some ways, I aspire to be like Katie (Katie Mixon), the mother.  She looks out for number 1 and does not take any sh&%  from anyone.  Of course, she is a TV character and her selfishness is exaggerated and I would not want to be selfish; but, I would love the ability to say no without guilt.  And again this series centers on another strong, female character.

Although I love my comedies, I do have a penchant for drama, mystery, and some down-right action.  So Wednesday is also a night of some of my favorite programs.  I started watching The Blacklist mainly because I wanted to see what James Spader (Red) could do in a serious role.  Well, he did not disappoint.  I became a fast fan of the show and it is one that I regularly watch as soon as I can.  According to the previews (I of course follow them on Facebook), this season will be quite different from the previous ones and I am really looking forward to that.  And again, Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) is a female FBI agent that anyone can admire (well, not always).

Designated Survivor was new last year and was renewed for another season.  My affection for this show is simple – I really like Tom Kirkman (the character Kiefer Sutherland portrays) because he is a genuinely good and honest person.  We do not meet many people like that these days.  I find it truly interesting to see him deal with the dishonesty in politics and try to be an effective president while not compromising his values.

Finally, on Wednesday night is my favorite series – Criminal Minds. This will be the series’ 13th season and I am still a devoted follower.  The cast has changed over the past few seasons, which was disappointing, but they made positive changes to outweigh the losses.  When Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss) returned at the beginning of last season I was thrilled.  I loved her character when she was a part of the show previously and she continues to depict a no-nonsense FBI agent with a heart.  Aside from my affection for the characters, I enjoy the psychological mystery and modern who-done-it.

Thursday September 28, 2017

For me, this week of premieres ends on Thursday (although I will be watching recorded episodes for much longer) with Grey’s Anatomy.  This year will be season 14 and I know many viewers have become disillusioned with some of the outrageous plot lines.  But I have been watching from the beginning and, although Derrick’s (Patrick Dempsey) death was a major blow and yes the plot lines are becoming less believable each episode, I just want to see how it all ends for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). Every tragedy imaginable has happened to Meredith and she seems to overcome every one – who wouldn’t want to be like her?  So, I am looking forward to the 2-hour season premiere.  And, to top it off, Teddy (Kim Raver) is returning and she is another actress that I really enjoy watching.

Now that I have this all written out I am a little embarrassed – I watch way too much TV!  Oh, well!  It helps to keep me sane.

What are you planning to watch this week?  Did I mention a program that you like or do you have a favorite that I am missing?  Tell me about it in the comments below.

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Although I didn’t make anything pretty in this post, television is something that makes me happy (as sad as that might be).  So, if you can’t make something pretty today, just do something that makes you happy (and set your DVR for all of the good television programs set for the coming weeks)!

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  1. Can’t wait for This is Us. Grey’s Anatomy The Voice. Will and Grace. The Big Bang Theory. Seal Team. As you see I am also a tv junkey.

  2. Thanks for doing the research on this!!!! I have been trying to find info on the new season online with no real success. Had fun reading your comments.

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