Adding Shimmer to Life’s Nicole Warren-Missimer

I am Nicole Warren-Missimer:  A stay-at-home mom with a husband, two wonderful boys (9 & 12) and a 2-year-old yellow Lab.  We live in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  When I am not caring for my family I am trying to improve everything. From trying a new cleaning hack to updating the wreath on my door, I am always looking for a better way to do things.

Throughout my life, I have loved to make things pretty.  My love for art and beauty began at a young age. I like beautiful things in my life and I think we all need a little shimmer in our lives.  As I try to add beauty to my life, I do all types of projects such as DIY, sewing, and embroidery.  I will say here that I am not an expert.  You could describe me as a jack of all trades but a master of none.  Doing things the “right way” is not always “my way’ but I somehow get it done.

A picture I took in the Perennial Garden at the Arboretum on the grounds of the Reading Public Museum.

I have had a wide variety of life experiences.  From those experiences and my formal education, I have developed a unique knowledge base.  One of those experiences is my former career as an educator and counselor. Although I am no longer an official teacher, I continue to supplement my children’s education.  I not only want my children to succeed in school, I also want them to become well-rounded learners.

From the first time I saw Starry Night in my elementary school art class, I have loved the art of Vincent Van Gogh.  People say, “Everything in life happens for a reason.”  I guess my early love for Van Gogh had a deeper reason that would appear later in my life.  Like Van Gogh, the most significant experience of my life is my 20 year struggle with depression.  I have a personal interest in mental health through my own depression and my grandmother’s dementia.  My hope is that by sharing some of my experiences another person suffering from or caring for someone with a mental illness can benefit.



Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

I feel with my life-long love of creating and unique life experience, I have something to contribute to the world. And, I hope I can share with you.  Look out for some of the cool things I create, tips related to education, and my personal journey with depression. Check out my blog and if you like something, or even if you don’t, let me know!